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BEVS’s New Products Released Seminar Successfully Held
Category: Seminar
Date: 2016-12-13
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Author: 佚名

The annual CHINACOAT was ardently held in Guangzhou on November 30th, 2016, meanwhile BEVS Industrial successfully released their Intelligent Robotic Testing and Inspection System in Langham Palace. Participants included Ms. Huangkai, the president of Guangdong Province Coating Association; Mr. Lv Shuilie, General Secretary of Guangdong Province Coating Association; Ms. Xie Yufang, director of Synthetic Materials Institute; Mr. Tu Weiping, professor of South China University of Technology; and distributors from Japan, Australia, America, Germany.

BEVS Industrial had engaged in testing equipment for paint, coating & iInk over a decade, providing the best pre and post sales consultancy services of our testing solutions worldwide. BEVS’s testing equipment are famous by its high quality, stability, and precision, that’s why BEVS gets so much attention from coating market when every time a new product is released. The emphasis of BEVS Intelligent Robotic Testing and Inspection System is new technologies and ideas, such as remote control, sharing, mobile APP control and review. Moreover it deducts the cost and increases effectiveness. Its wide range, comprehensive testing, intelligent and digital design technology bringing a whole new advance experience to our customer, and is constantly improving in our development to revolutionize the instrument industry.

During the seminar, BEVS General Manager, Jackie Zeng detailedly introduced the Intelligent Robotic Testing and Inspection System thru four aspects: component, feature, function and application, helping participants to understand the consist of BEVS’s system, which contain PC, intelligent robot, testing equipment and network communications, otherwise the system supports mobile control (such as ISO system, Android system) and data review. With its powerful analysis software, it already applied to excellent R&D centers, and cooperation with domestic / foreign research institutions and university. The system is capable of manufacture and quality control, for example the coating appearance inspection of 3C products and automobile shell, inspection of precision component, defect detection etc.

As well, Jackie made an overview of global coating market and analyzed the relationship between coatings industrial and industrie 4.0, showed the global coating market share and the state of coating market in China. He also showed how Industrie 4.0 can improve profitability and highlights the resulting effects on companies, nations and employment. Ms. Huangkai, the president of Guangdong Province Coating Association affirmed BEVS’s performance, she believed BEVS has the ability to let "Made-in-China" tend towards the world!

Participants spoke highly of BEVS commercial integrity, they were all looking forward to further cooperating with BEVS in the coming future!

In order to appreciate all the regular customers and partners, BEVS arranged a return banquet after the Seminar, the shows during the banquet produced a heated and jubilant atmosphere making the banquet permeate with a warm unity and friendship.

BEVS’s products are always popular and acceptance in the world with the quality assurance and innovation, in the future BEVS will continuously focus in quality as well as commitment, and expect you to join our path, believe in BEVS, your trusted partner!


BEVS General Manager Jackie Zeng(L) and South China University of Technology professor Tu Weiping (R)

BEVS General Manager Jackie Zeng shares the concept of Intelligent Robotic Testing and Inspection System


During the seminar


Oceania representative Ron Craigie from novasys group

 Asian representative Kazuya Rokutanda from Allgood

Europe representative Rolf Thierry from Thierry GmbH

North America representative John Imbault from Imbotec Group


Group photo after the seminar


The banquet

BEVS General Manager Jackie Zeng(L) poses for photos during banquet


BEVS General Manager Jackie Zeng toasts with all distributors in the banquet

BEVS General Manager Jackie Zeng toasts with staffs in the banquet