Customized Product

BEVS provides customized services, which can be customized according to customers' requirements. 

1) Manual Film Applicators: film width, film thickness and accuracy can be made as requested.

Item Film Width (mm) Film Thickness   (µm) Example
Single Sided   Applicator Min: 5mm Min: 2µm 1540541380534028193.png
Two Sided   Applicator
Four Sided   Applicator
Adjustable   Applicator Min: 35mm 0-3500µm 1540776592334027353.png
Adjustable Digital  Applicator Min: 60mm 0-3500µm 1540776785507029657.png

2) Finess of Grind Gauge 

Item Grooves Scale (µm) Size Example
Single Channel   Grind Gauge 1 Min: 0-10µm
As requested 1540541910636070359.png
Double Channel   Grind Gauge 2 1540541928448053384.png
Triple Channel   Grind Gauge 3 1540541942538039287.png
Wide Single Channel Grind Gauge 1 1540541955335071812.png

3) Customized Automatic Film Applicator


4) Other Items, such as wet abraison scrub tester, linear abraser, etc.