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Japanese Distributor, Allgood, Visit BEVS for Expanding Cooperation
Category: Cooperation
Date: 2017-03-29
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Author: 佚名
All along the time, Allgood, as the only and the most important Japanese distributor, keeping a long-term friendly cooperation relationship with BEVS. In order to strengthen our future business, Mr. Kazuya Rokutanda represented Allgood having a 2 days visit in BEVS. The meeting between BEVS and Allgood were expected to focus on stabilizing business and trade relations. We had a long discuss to find ways to manage differences while expanding cooperation in areas of shared interest. The specifics as follow:
      1. Optimize the three critical factors: quality, cost and Lead time
      2. The prospect of BEVS Intelligent Robotic Testing and Inspection System in Japan
      3. Aiming to provide more innovative products
      4. Products should meet the needs of Japanese market demand, and applied to Japanese law.
Mr. Rokutanda expressed Allgood's willingness to work with BEVS and showed us the sales plan of these two years which heighten our confidence in Japanese market, ensuring our status in Japanese coating industrial as well.
It's a pleasure having Mr. Rokutanda to our new factory, we were all satisfied with the final consensus,  the agreement we have come to will contribute us to overcome every barrier to the greatest extent in the future, developing mutual business from good to great!


Group FIG

Mr. Kazuya Rokutanda from Allgood, Japan(Left 4) and Jackie Zeng(Right 4) BEVS's General Manager

Jackie shows BEVS's new warehouse to Mr. Rokutanda