Automatic Drawdown Master

Auto drawdown releases your hands

Auto drawdown provides good samples 

Light source brings better observation

Focusing on Europe | BEVS Collaborates with Famous European Coatings Universities

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ECS 2023 was held in Nuremberg, Germany from March 28 to 30. As a pioneer in China coatings/ink intelligent testing instrument industry, BEVS seized the opportunity of the post pandemic and actively empowered customers in Europe and other countries.

BEVS products achieve higher satisfaction

It is the fourth time that BEVS participated in the European Coatings Show (ECS), and brings intelligent testing products and overall solutions for the coatings industry chain to the visitors. New and old customers communicated and negotiated with BEVS on site and achieved fruitful results. The three products displayed in this exhibition, including automatic drawdown master, automatic cross cutter, and four stations dual motor wet abrasion scrub tester, are particularly popular. Customers from Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, India, and other countries are constantly coming to inquire and confirm procurement.


BEVS Stand

European Coatings Show and Conference

△Photo of BEVS sales team and German agent

BEVS Continuously Surpass European & American Competitors

BEVS competitors have been developing for over 80 or even hundreds of years, with high brand awareness and a long history. BEVS only took 10 years, and its European market share continues to increase. Multiple products have surpassed counterparts, greatly increasing brand awareness.

Faced with competitors, BEVS has been following an international path of "high starting point, continuous technological innovation and surpassing" since its establishment: Entering markets with the highest quality requirements - Japan, Germany, the United States, and then developing into global markets such as the Asia Pacific region, the Middle East, and Africa. Currently, there are over 80 agents and over 30,000 customers.

Four stations dual motor wet abrasion scrub tester

Laboratory automation of coatings enters a period of rapid development

BEVS developed a new laboratory automation solution, which attracts many European customers to negotiate. As the forefront of the development of the paint industry in Europe, the automation level of its coatings research and development laboratory is higher and more advanced. Paint giants have used a fully automated digital experimental testing and testing system.

On the basis of solving the problem of automatic digitization of laboratory, the new solution of BEVS laboratory automation, combined with artificial intelligence and big data technology, has made a new breakthrough in formula research and development, intelligent automatic judgment of test results, and closed-loop application of test data.


△BEVS Combined Testing and Inspection Station

Cooperate with renowned coatings universities in Europe

BEVS cooperates with Hochschule Niederrhein, one of the most famous coatings universities in Germany, in the new automated testing equipment and methods for coatings, and in the application of AI in coatings testing.