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  • 智能机器人实验系统
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Intelligent R&D and Testing System

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With the constantly upgrading in industry 4.0,the robot and internet of things play the more and more important role in technology revolution and industry upgrading for the traditional industry such as manufacturing etc. The traditional manual testing and inspection are also replaced by robot. 

In order to greatly improve the competition and capacity of research, production and manufacturing. The work related with labor intensity, cost, time, efficiency etc. could be completed freely by robot during the process of daily research, testing, production and manufacturing. 

Intelligent robotic testing system is applied to university, research institute, inspection organization, enterprise etc. User could customize the unique configuration upon different requirements to achieve the intelligent remote control and testing report output automatically and completed unmanned operation.

1.Robot with Mixer to achieve monitor the dispersion.


2.Robot with KU Viscometer to achieve online measurement.

3.Robot with automatic film applicator to quickly achieve the batch and precision film.

4.Robot with multi-instruments to achieve automatic testing.