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The Second Global Distributor Training Event

On July 24-27, it is very glad for BEVS to hold the second global distributors training event. First of all, many thanks for our agent from German, Iran and Indonesia to actively take participate in our training event. 

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From left to right is Wilson Tan(BEVS International Sales Manager), Indonesia agent, Iran agent, German agent, Jackie Zeng(BEVS General Manager)


We arranged different training theme so that the agents can know more about the products in all directions during this training. It is mainly focus on BEVS products, product calibration, QC training and after sale training. Besides, we also present the intelligent robotic testing system. It is a great innovation in design and technology.  





Through the heated discussion in the training event, agents also gave us a lot of valuable suggestions. It can better to improve BEVS products. After communicating with them, we can see that they have very good ideas to our products, well analyzed real requirement of market so that we can win greater market competitiveness in this industry.


All in all, it goes without saying that the growth of the BEVS cannot without the support of agents. We sincerely hope BEVS can make greater achievements in the future. We still spare no efforts to bring more innovative and practical products to our customers. Thanks again for your support and trust !

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From left to right is Wilson Tan(BEVS International Sales Manager), German agent, Jackie Zeng(BEVS General Manager), Iran agent, Indonesia agent