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Aplicação de Filme
  • Pulverizador de painel automático

    Introduction: The BEVS 1828 Automatic Panel Sprayer is a fast, intelligent and automatic device for spraying panel





  • Aplicador Ajustável Digital

    Introduction: The BEVS 1806F Adjustable Applicator is designed according to ASTM D823E. It consists of two precise

  • Mini Aplicador Automático de Filme

    Introduction: The BEVS 1818 Mini Automatic Film Applicator is an ideal machine for preparing a wide variety of pro

  • Aplicador ajustável

    Introduction: Adjustable Applicator is applied to evaluate the slight difference of the film thickness accurately.

  • Aplicador Automático de Filme

    Introduction: BEVS Automatic Film Applicators are made with high precision machined components, sturdy mainframe a

  • Kit de aplicação de filme

    Introduction: In order to on-site make film to obtain good coatings and instantly detect the performance of coatin





  • Gráfico de poder oculto

    Introduction: BEVS Hiding Power Chart tests a variety of coating and ink properties, such as hiding power, coating





  • Alça de barra


  • Extensor Expiral

    Introduction: BEVS bar applicator is a fully new generation technology against traditional wire bar, ideal for the

  • Aplicador de nivelamento

    Introduction: The instrument is made for evaluating the liquid coating in a horizontal state in order to select an

  • Aplicador de flacidez

    Introduction: The instrument is used for sag resistance evaluation to ensure a uniform film thickness by selecting

  • Aplicador de cubo


  • Aplicador de quatro lados

    Introduction: The cylindrical shape provides excellent result especially on fire substrate and smooth surface. By

  • Aplicador frente e verso

    Introduction: Control the actual thickness of dry film or wet film by the precise test of coating. The coating wit

  • Aplicador de face única

    Introduction: Control the actual thickness of dry film or wet film by the precise test of coating. Excellent consi