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Date: 2022-11-14
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Author: Xiaohei

The 2022 (19th) China Automotive Coatings and Painting Annual Conference was successfully held in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province from November 6 to 8, 2022.  BEVS participated in this event for the fifth consecutive year to discuss the high-quality development of automotive coatings and painting with industry colleagues.

In 2021, the automobile, engineering machinery and rail transit industries overcame the difficulties of increasing downward pressure on the economy and the adverse effects of the epidemic spreading from many places, maintained stable operation, and achieved a good start in the beginning of the 14th Five Year Plan. The auto sales volume was 26.275 million, reversing the continuous decline in production and sales since 2018; Construction machinery has become one of the industries with the best development prospects in the equipment manufacturing industry, achieving an operating income of 906.5 billion yuan, up 17% year on year; The rail transit industry has developed steadily, with 9658 urban rail transit vehicles, up 15.8%, and 1065700 railway mobile equipment, up 1.1%.

In the face of increasingly strict environmental protection laws and regulations, the automotive, mechanical equipment and rail transit industries, which are in the front line of governance and prevention, have devoted themselves to research and forge ahead around the green and intelligent coating and painting.

With the theme of sharing, environmental protection, innovation and development, the conference set up a platform for communication and cooperation between host manufacturers and raw materials and coating enterprises, strengthened communication and interaction between upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, jointly discussed new technologies, new trends, new models and other key issues under the new situation, stimulated innovation and vitality of the industry, and promoted technological progress and development.

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Accelerate scientific and technological innovation in the post epidemic era

BEVS continues to surpass the past and open up the future, leads the industry in the development of testing equipment and intelligent automation, and hopes to share the development of intelligent insection, big data, and new business forms of the Internet of Things with industry colleagues and users.