Intelligent Instruments Era
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Date: 2021-03-12
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Author: Xiaohei


Intelligent Instruments Era

As we know more and more the key mobile phones generation like Nokia were replaced by full touch screen with technology development. In the automotive industry, technology is also accelerating. Since Tesla , a 17 Inch Touch screen has replaced a bunch of traditional physical operation buttons, setting off the trend of touch screen. Different kinds of touch screens have been installed in the car. The fourth industrial revolution is developing rapidly in various fields.


Why touch screen? Since the birth of touch screen in 1965, its advantages are more and more obvious

 1).Friendly human-machine interface, easy operation and faster efficiency

2).Diversified user interface, single or multi touch

3).The user operates directly via the display screen.

4).More fashion designs

5).It can display more information and achieve more functions


1.Touch screen advantages:

Touch screen has the advantages of convenient and intuitive, clear image, durable and space saving. As long as the user gently touches the icon or text on the display screen, the operation and query of the host computer can be achieved easily, but the keyboard and mouse operation can’t be achieved, thus greatly improving the operability and security of the computer and making the interaction more direct.


Easy operation

Just touch the icon on the screen to enter the information interface. The relevant content can be text, animation, music, video, games, etc.


Friendly interface

Customers do not need to have professional knowledge, they can clearly understand all the information, tips and instructions on the screen. Its interface is suitable for customers at all levels and ages.


Abundant information

Information storage capacity is almost unlimited, any complex data information can be incorporated into the multimedia system, and the variety of information is abundant, which can achieve audio-visual and changeable display effect.


Quick response

The system adopts advanced technology and has fast response speed for large capacity data query.


Safe and reliable

It runs continuously for a long time without any influence on the system. The system is stable and reliable, and will not make mistakes or crash in normal operation. It is easy to maintain. The system includes a management and maintenance system with the same interface as the demonstration system, which can easily edit, delete and modify the data content.


Touch screen products have become an essential part of the daily work and life of the public. With the passage of time, its demand is rising. With the development of high technology such as 5g, big data, Internet of things, button or knob operation will be quickly eliminated, and many applications and functions cannot be achieved in the button operation. It seems inevitable that the "button" will disappear, and full touch screen is the general trend.


2.BEVS Intelligent instruments

In this development trend, BEVS accelerates product research and development. In order to keep up with the market demand, we are the first to promote and apply full touch screen technology in the laboratory testing instrument industry, completely subverting the traditional button or knob control and led or LCD display mode in the industry for decades, leading the progress and development of the industry. The following BEVS categories all use full touch screen technology.


Small Size Instruments: Glossmeter, Automatic Pull Off Tester, E-pencil Hardness Tester etc.

Medium Size Instruments: Lab Mixer, Automatic Film Applicator, Viscometer, Washability and Scrub Tester, Scratch Tester, Pendulum Hardness Tester, Cupping Tester etc.

Big Size Instruments: Intelligent Multifunction Salt Spray Tester, Intelligent Xenon Aging Tester, Intelligent Compost Degradation Analyzer etc.

Intelligent Workstation or Systems: Intelligent Robotic Station, Intelligent Panel Coating Station, Intelligent Multi-combined System etc.

BEVS instruments are adopting the most advanced touch screen technology, these instruments have more and more powerful functions, to give users better quality and operation experience which traditional "button" cannot provide.

3.Development trend of testing instruments:


With the continuous upgrading of the Internet of things, industry 4.0 and the made in China 2025 industry. The industry will be more precise and intelligent in the next five years.


At present, the majority of testing instruments in the market are still operated by traditional buttons and knobs, and displayed by LED or LCD module, but they are stepping up efforts to promote the simple control and display of touch screen.


From artificial observation to intelligent vision system, from single instrument to intelligent automation and integration


In addition, it has also developed in the fields of remote control, LIMS laboratory management system, big data and block-chain.


The testing instrument will move towards digitization, intelligence, automation, big data, scalability, visualization and customization in the next five years.


 BEVS will follow the trend of the times, make contributions to R & D and manufacture latest instruments and continue to lead the development in our industry.

 4. BEVS touch screen products situation