BEVS 2019 National Dealer Training Conference held in Guangzhou
Category: Training
Date: 2019-08-28
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Author: Chan
On August 23, 2019, the BEVS 2019 National Dealer Training Conference was held as scheduled, dealers from all over the country gathered in Guangzhou to join the event.



At the meeting, General Manager Jackie Zeng analyzed the China coatings market, end users like Chinese universities, R&D institutions and third testing institutions, and mentioned that China’s coatings production enterprises have gone through three stages. The testing instrument also entered the Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence and big data analysis became the development trend. The intelligent era has offered a new opportunity for testing instrument manufacturers. The fourth industrial revolution is on the road. BEVS will continue to deepen, penetrate, and specialize in smart instruments and intelligent systems to help enterprise users transform and upgrade, empowering to achieve high quality development.



In order to make participants understand BEVS products better, visiting exhibition halls, laboratories and workshops is an indispensable part. The heads of various departments of BEVS conducted on-the-spot introductions of single products and intelligent system products, of which the intelligent system was impressive. Separate workstations are connected to achieve fully automated coating performance testing. Traditional manual operations will be replaced by machines, and the machine will show its unique advantages.



In recognition of the efforts of the distributors, BEVS issued a “Special Dealer” certificate for each dealer, encouraging dealers to bring BEVS quality products to more users and better create value for users.



This national dealer training conference has strengthened the relationship between BEVS and dealers, which is of great significance to the development of the Chinese market. BEVS will continue to focus on product development, deepen cooperation with all parties, and achieve a win-win situation.