Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester

Four channels
Adjustable speed
Two drives run independently or in linkage
Up to four standards test performed simultaneously

BEVS shines in the 19th China International Coatings Show
Category: Exhibition
Date: 2014-12-09
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Author: 佚名

 At 12:00 on December 5th, The 19th China International Coatings Show in Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition Center successfully concluded.

China Coatings Show is a worldwide Expo, attract a large number of well-known enterprises to participate in,which come from all over the world and inloved in paint, ink production, technology development, equipment manufacturing, and many other fields.

After conscientious preparation and relied on superb technical level, high performance of innovative equipments, BEVS become a major attraction in the industry once again. Ingenious design and high-precision machines, has attracted many domestic and foreign businessmen gathered to observe and discuss the consultation.

In the exhibition scene, the technical staff answer patiently the FAQ for every guest.By taking a live demonstration of the machine, let all the clients have a better knowledge about the equipments. Meantime, we are glad to have the chance to compare notes with the attendees about the technology and applications. Honored to receive acclaim of them,and many exhibitors scene reached a purchase intention.

This Show was a an industry’ feast, also was a harvest journey. BEVS equipment exhibited almost all sold out, and we also brought back valuable advice from many end users and dealers friends.

After the show, the company held a three-day trip ,allowing all employees to have a good rest, filled with energy and ready enough for the BEVS’ sailing!