BEVS honorably published in PPCJ, APCJ and China Export Focus
Category: New Product
Date: 2016-03-14
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Author: 佚名

PPCJ is one of the longest serving journal since 1879, the internationally-respected Polymers Paint Colour Journal has been providing news, in-depth features and insight into the latest developments, making it the longest serving journal in the coatings industry. Meanwhile, Asia Pacific Coatings Journal (APCJ) is the only dedicated coatings publication that covers the ASEAN region, from India to Australia, which has been published for over 22 years with an established reputation for educational articles written by authors living and working in the Asia Pacific region. 

It meant a lot to BEVS that showed up in those magazines. On one side, BEVS is got focused more and more, on the other side, BEVS quality, including its design and durability, impresses both end-users and distributors globally.