Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester

Four channels
Adjustable speed
Two drives run independently or in linkage
Up to four standards test performed simultaneously

BEVS impresses PAINTINDIA 2018
Category: Exhibition
Date: 2018-03-14
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Author: 佚名

PAINTINDIA 2018 was held at Bombay Convention Center, Mumbai, on March 8-10. Customers from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and other countries are deeply impressed by BEVS products displayed on site. "The quality of BEVS test instrument is good, user-friendly and catches the trend of time." They said. Especially the old clients gave thumbs up to new products and will include BEVS into their supplier systems. Technical, R&D, QC, and procurement person from ASIAN PAINT, the India's largest paint manufacturer, came to BEVS booth every single day to discuss intelligent laboratory planning.

India, as a developing country, is of great market growth potentially. BEVS, a brand basing in China, has already stood out among many foreign brands and has been used by more and more Indian customers. BEVS products havs been upgraded on both quality and value-added services. Indian agent is doing good job to promote sales rapidly and serves more and mor end-users. Welcome to visit BEVS next PAINTINDIA and BEVS will make things better.