Mini Automatic Film Applicator With Heated Vacuum Bed

Adjustable speed 1-200 mm/s

Heating temp. up to 150 ℃

Mini design to be put into small chambers like glove box


  • Pressure Density Cup

    Introduction: BEVS 2103 Pressure Density Cup is used to calculate the specific gravity of paints or similar materi

  • Automatic Panel Sprayer

    Introduction: The BEVS 1828 Automatic Panel Sprayer is a fast, intelligent and automatic device for spraying panel

  • Film Application Kit

    Introduction: In order to on-site make film to obtain good coatings and instantly detect the performance of coatin

  • Hiding Power Chart

    Introduction: BEVS Hiding Power Chart tests a variety of coating and ink properties, such as hiding power, coating

  • Intelligent Rotothinner

    Introduction: BEVS 1131 Intelligent Rotothinner is used to measure the viscosity of most non-Newtonian and Newtoni

  • Frikmar Cup

    Introduction: BEVS Frikmar Cup is based on standard DIN 53211 with a handle to allow dipping test easily.

  • ISO Cup

    Introduction: BEVS ISO Cup is designed according to ISO 2431 and ASTM D5125 standard and widely used to measure th

  • Handle Abraser

    Introduction: This instrument is designed according to the DuPont company standard, America CMA2004-04 and Britain

  • Linear Abraser

    Introduction: It is designed according to the American Dupont standard and applied to the abrasion resistant test

  • Automatic Scratch Tester

    Introduction: Scratch Tester is applied to the scratch resistance performance evaluation of single coating or comp

  • Conical Mandrel Bending Tester

    Introduction: A very robust mechanical unit for determining the elasticity, adhesion and elongation of dried paint

  • Cylindrical Mandrel Bend Tester

    Introduction: A very robust mechanical unit for determining the elasticity, adhesion and elongation of dry paint o

  • Impact Tester

    Introduction: BEVS Impact Tester is used to make the reliable evaluation of coatings resistance by simulating actu

  • Buchholz Indentation Tester

    Introduction: BEVS Buchholz Indentation Tester can be used to evaluate of indentation resistance of plastic deform

  • Pencil Hardness Tester

    Introduction: BEVS1301 Pencil Tester complies with the requirements of ASTM D3363 and ISO 15184 standard, through

  • Cross Hatch Cutter

    Introduction: BEVS 2202 Cross Hatch Cutter is designed and manufactured according to ISO 2409-1992, GB/T9286-98, B

  • Multi-hatch Gauge

    Introduction: BEVS 2203 Multi-hatch Gauge is designed and manufactured according to BS3962-6 standard with the con

  • Color Assessment Cabinet

    Introduction: To avoid assessment error when performing color contrast, it is easy to simulate different light sou

  • Bench Glossmeter

    Introduction: This small, portable instrument is made for measuring the gloss of curved surface, small pieces...

  • 60° Glossmeter

    Introduction: BEVS 60°Glossmeter is designed according to ISO-2813, ASTM-D2457...

  • Paint Inspection Gauge

    Introduction: BEVS1707 PIG is using destructive method to measure coating thickness, containing single and multipl

  • Powder Coating Thickness Gauge

    Introduction: BEVS 1703 Powder Coating Thickness Gauge is a non-contact, non-destructive and rapid measuring porta

  • Wet Film Gauge

    Introduction: This Wet Film Gauge is used to measure the wet film thickness on smooth & flat coated surfaces such

  • Payne Permeability Cup

    Introduction: This BEVS simple instrument is used to determine the permeability of films of paints ,varnishes, coa

  • Bar Coater

    Introduction: BEVS bar applicator is a fully new generation technology against traditional wire bar, ideal for the

  • Levelling Applicator

    Introduction: The instrument is made for evaluating the liquid coating in a horizontal state in order to select an

  • Sagging Applicator

    Introduction: The instrument is used for sag resistance evaluation to ensure a uniform film thickness by selecting