Intelligent Tri-Glossmeter

Auto calibration when starting

Touch panel for easy operating

High accuracy


  • 貯水池付4面式アプリケーター
  • 貯水池付4面式アプリケーター
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Technical Specification:

◆High grade stainless steel 
◆Available in 2 film widths: 60 or 80 mm 
◆Available in 4 gaps sizes

Order Information:

 BEVS 1803/60/1:      Four Sided Applicator with Reservoir  Width: 60mm   Gap: 30, 60, 90,120µm
 BEVS 1803/60/2:      Four Sided Applicator with Reservoir  Width: 60mm   Gap: 50,100,150, 200µm
 BEVS 1803/80/1:      Four Sided Applicator with Reservoir  Width: 80mm   Gap: 30, 60, 90,120µm
 BEVS 1803/80/2:      Four Sided Applicator with Reservoir  Width: 80mm   Gap: 50,100,150,200µm

Other width and gap size are available upon request.

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