BEVS Won the Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2024
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Date: 2024-06-08
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Author: Ivy


Recently, the results of the highly anticipated ‘2024 Coatings Industry - Ringier Technology Innovation Award’ were announced. BEVS Industrial once again shine, and the ‘BEVS Fully Automated Adhesion Station’ won the Award with its outstanding technology and brand innovation.

At the same time, there was the ‘China Coatings & Ink Summit & Exhibition 2024’ organized by Shanghai Ringier Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Persist In Innovation

To achieve green, low-carbon and high-quality development, scientific and technological innovation is the key. As an advanced intelligent workstation, BEVS Fully Automated Adhesion Station adopts digital technology to realize real-time collection, analysis and processing of paint data, effectively improving the detection efficiency and accuracy.

The technical innovation of the equipment has been recognized by industry experts:

■ The industry's first compatible with multiple specifications test board

■ Production line testing process layout

■ Automatic cross-cutting, accurate & constant load pressure

■ Support multiple specifications of sample board

■ Automatic cleaning function

Today, BEVS Industrial can win the 'Ringier Technology Innovation Award 2024' for the fourth consecutive time, which is the reaffirmation of BEVS Industrial from all walks of life for its constant innovation and pursuit of excellence, and also the encouragement and support for our future work.

2023 Award-winning product: 

BEVS Automated Particle Analyzer

2022 Award-winning product: 

BEVS Automatic Coating Formulation & Master Panel System

2021 Award-winning product: 

BEVS Intelligent Coating Formulation Station

In the coming future, BEVS Industrial will continue to make efforts to intelligent testing instruments, especially in the direction of coating laboratory automation system, we also look forward to more customers reaching cooperation with us, to achieve the goal of high-quality development of the coating industry and make joint efforts.

Industry Gathering

From May 29 to 31, the 'China Coatings & Ink Summit & Exhibition 2024' was held in Shanghai.  BEVS Industrial brought its star products to the summit to share the company's laboratory automation solutions and practical cases in the fields of coating/ink, resin, plastics, new energy, new materials, environmental aging and other fields for industry partners.