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Chinacoat, Shanghai, a new chapter to BEVS
Category: Exhibition
Date: 2019-11-26
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Author: Chan

The twenty-fourth Chinacoat, Shanghai has come to a successful conclusion. As in previous years, BEVS showed up at exhibition and brought more intelligent new products and intelligent systems.



During the exhibition, there was a steady stream of customers coming to BEVS booth. Much more customers came to negotiate intelligent instruments and systems than in previous years. Intelligent systems (workstations) are favored by world-renowned customers. PPG, BASF, Nippon, Dow, etc. highly praised BEVS products. The intelligent system will be popular in the near future. Every single station works separately, and can be combined together to fulfill a process of panel spraying, baking, appearance inspection and etc. The specialty will provide more choices for end users.


Besides the systems, new products drew attention as well. This year, BEVS upgraded the wet abrasion scrub tester, the brand new one has four channels which can meet more requirements of end users. New drying time recorder is with drawdown function to make the test much more convenient. New items like automatic cylindrical bending tester and automatic heating abrasion tester attracts bunches of visitors as well.


The strong support of new and old customers is the trust in BEVS products and the driving force for BEVS progress. BEVS has made more and more cutting-edge technology products to empower users and will continue to help high-quality development of the industry!