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Mutually dependent and win-win cooperation
Category: Cooperation
Date: 2018-12-28
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Author: 佚名

BEVS’s third supplier conference was successfully held on December 26, 2018. The representatives of our QC department, purchasing department, production department attended the conference with representatives of suppliers from all over the country.


The conference closely focus on the theme of “win-win cooperation and create a better future”. We not only reviewed the development history of BEVS and its achievements this year, but also discussed in detail about how to create mutual benefit, lean management, delivery time and quality, win-win development plan in 2019. We also actively seek common market opportunities and a win-win value chain.


All suppliers enthusiastically support the global development route of BEVS products with high standards and strict requirements. Constantly expand our future cooperation.

We are grateful to all suppliers for their support to BEVS in 2018 and award prizes to suppliers who have made outstanding contributions.


BEVS will continue to provide all customers with high quality and more intelligent products in 2019. We will continue to work with all team partners to create a better future of BEVS.