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BEVS shows up on PaintExpo 2018, represented by Thierry
Category: Exhibition
Date: 2018-04-25
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Author: 佚名

PaintExpo is the worldwide leading trade fair for suppliers and users of industrial coating technology. It is focused on providing a wide range of high quality products and solutions, covering the entire process of powder coating, coil coating and liquid painting. The trade fair also represents an invaluable opportunity for participants to establish new business partnerships and promote their brand.


BEVS distributor Thierry GmbH located in Germany brings the latest BEVS products on the show. With German-style designed booth and top good BEVS product, it attracts visitors from various countries including UK, France, Italy and etc.


In 2017, BEVS attended European Coatings Show in Germany and now appears on PaintExpo. It is a totally success and means a lot to BEVS. It will help BEVS impress European customers much more deeply, and promote the sales of BEVS products to gain more market share in European market.